Since 2017, La Petite École de Reigate has been offering its students the opportunity to prepare for the DELF (Diplôme d’Étude de la Langue Française) exams. These French as a foreign language diplomas are the only ones recognized by the French Ministry of National Education. They are valid for an unlimited period of time. It therefore seems appropriate to us to offer this opportunity to students of the Petite École who may in the future want to study and/or work in a French-speaking country. It also allows them to be motivated and to see their progress over several years.

The DELF exams cover all four language skills:

  • oral comprehension
  • reading comprehension
  • oral production
  • written production.


Each competency represents 25% of the total score. To obtain your diploma, you must have at least 50% success on the exam and avoid a score below 5% in each of the competencies.

DELF levels are adapted to all ages and audiences. The exam sessions take place three times a year at the French Institute in London. The exams are independent and cost between £70 and £100 depending on the level. La Petite École de Reigate prepares students for DELF A1 and A2 in the middle school classes and DELF B1 in the high school class.