Our French language and culture. 

Our educational mission

La Petite École de Reigate is a FLAM school (Français Langue Maternelle), member of the Parapluie FLAM association. Our teaching staff is passionate and has extensive experience teaching French in England. We are entirely dedicated to the mission of our School :

provide pedagogical support to Francophone families wishing to transmit their language and culture to their children.


There is no prior selection to register at La Petite École de Reigate. However, since all courses are taught exclusively in French, children must have, depending on their age, a sufficient understanding of the language: Francophone parent(s), regular stays and/or family ties in a Francophone country.
As bilingual parents ourselves, we realized that as we grew up, our children developed a good listening skills, but they have much more difficulty reading, writing and expressing themselves… Since Surrey County has a large French community with similar problems, it came to us with the idea of creating a school!
We wanted to establish a school structure based on the French system. However, as the level of children can be very disparate, we take into account not only their age but also their language skills at the time of enrolment.

If you are English-speaking and would like your child to receive French language instruction, we invite you to visit the website of our partner school: Language School | By La Petite école de Reigate.

Language School