La Petite école de Reigate - 10 ans

Celebrate a Decade of Bilingual Flourishing at Our School!

Joyously marking a decade of educational excellence, our school stands proud since its inception. From modest beginnings, it has blossomed into a hub of linguistic diversity, seamlessly blending French and English. Our 10th-anniversary celebration is a tribute to dedicated teachers and flourishing students. Join us on June 30, 2024, at Sandcross Primary School for a day of festivities, envisioning a future even more thrilling than the past.

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La Petite école de Reigate - Dates 2ème trimestre

2nd term 2023-24

Save the dates of the 2nd term at Petite école de Reigate. Galettes des rois & patisseries, parents meet-up, reading sessions, show for the children & parents consultations: a full-on term!

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Get Ready for a New Educational Adventure!

Discover important dates for the upcoming school term of Petite éole de Reigate. Prepare for an exciting educational adventure as we share back-to-school details and engaging plans for learning and exploration. Get ready to nurture curiosity and join us on this enriching journey!

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