All the staff of Petite École de Reigate is DBS checked and trained on a Safeguarding course with the Surrey Skills Academy.

The school administration

Manal & Pascale

Lucile M.
Head teacher

Of Lebanese origin, I was educated in the French system in Lebanon. Before founding the Petite École, I was looking for educational support that was both fun and structured for my two children. I quickly realized that there were other Francophone families around Reigate who shared the same aspirations. I am temporarily based abroad but I continue to support the school from afar. In my absence, I passed my role as administrative manager to Maha who is a trained accountant, and who now takes care of the organization and accounting of the school.

I am French, an engineer by training, and I have lived in England for more than 20 years. At the Petite École, I developed the pedagogical programs with the teachers for the different levels and I took care of the recruitment and training of the teaching staff. You will now see me at the Petite École on Saturday afternoon to welcome you and discuss!

French and engineer by training, I lived and worked in the paper industry for about ten years in Manchester and Lucca, Italy. Back in the United Kingdom in Reigate, I spent 2 years working full time as a "mother" to my two boys before starting teaching French, and since 2018, I have been a teacher in the fourth grade class where I have been able to develop myself by sharing my culture and mother tongue while having fun. In 2019, I was pleased to succed to Pascale as the School Director!

The teachers

Maternelle PS

Maternelle GS

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Lucile C.
(Year 3)

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Secondary class
(DELF B1 & B2)

Mum of twin girls coming from bilingual parents, it was very important for me to share my French values and traditions with them. "La Petite École de Reigate'' was strongly recommended to us. Their start in reception has helped all of us tremendously to speak French at home, as well as with family members in France. I started to share my enthusiasm with the other children at "La Petite École de Reigate" by volunteering in the reading sessions. I jumped at the chance to fill in as a teaching assistant and now as a teacher of the entry level pre-school class. Engineer in biology, I have more than 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I have recently decided to spend more quality time with my family and embrace my passion for the arts & crafts.

I have been at the Petite Ecole de Reigate since September 2014 and also a parent. I am French and I worked in the service trades before coming to England where I have lived for 11 years. I first taught in schools for the "Club Français" and now I give private lessons for adults and children, including exam preparations and clubs for children.

A strong supporter of the Petite École de Reigate for the past four years, I am the mother of a little boy who practices his French every Saturday. For the past four years, I have supported the reading workshop, then I was an assistant and finally a teacher in the CP1 class, my profession during the week is consumer marketing, but it is always with pleasure that I meet my students and the whole team every Saturday.

I am French. As a qualified trainer, I have been teaching English and French for several years, from preschool to high school. It is a vocation that continues; all the more rewarding at La Petite École because it now allows me to help French-speaking children educated in England to flourish in their culture and their knowledge of their mother tongue.

I live in Surrey with my partner and two children who have grown up in a French-English environment and culture. I loved participating in the PTA activities of their primary school but also helping in the classroom, especially with reading and tutoring. One thing led to another, I myself returned to college to obtain the qualification of school assistant while working for the English school and before teaching French in a FLAM school. I am delighted to work at the Petite École de Reigate and to share with the children my enthusiasm for our culture and the French language.

I have been a full-time teacher at a large primary school in Surrey since 2019. I previously trained in France in small private schools and progressively moved to the UK to gain a broader experience of teaching. I was fortunate enough to be raised bilingual in a Franco-British family and one of the inevitable knock-on effects was the discovery of my passion for languages. The teaching position at the Petite École de Reigate allows me to continue doing what I enjoy doing on a daily basis while transmitting my infinite passion for languages to children.

A French national, mum to a 6-year-old girl who's fully bilingual, I have always been passionate about languages and about teaching! While my 'day' job is Director in a brand and marketing consultancy, I always reminisced about the 2 years I spent studying and working as a French Language Lecturer at Trinity College in Dublin in my early 20's. Now, and since having my daughter, who's a student at the Petite Ecole de Reigate, my passion for teaching has been reignited and I am looking forward to passing on my love of the French language and our culture to my students.

I have been teaching fifth grade since the beginning of the 2018 school year. I am French and have been living in West Sussex since 2010. With a literary background and a BTS in communications, I became interested in language teaching by giving private French lessons to adults and children. Recently, I became the manager of a franchise "La Jolie Ronde" which allows me to work regularly with young children, a work that I am passionate about, and I find it very rewarding to pass on the knowledge of French and Francophone culture to the bilingual children of La Petite École and to help them develop their own culture. Passionate about the arts and theatre, these are two subjects that I try to transmit during my lessons.

Mother of three children, I moved to England nearly twenty years ago to be a French Language Assistant in secondary schools. I very quickly realised that I wanted to teach French, so I did my PGCE and I have been working as a French and Spanish teacher at secondary level for the past 16 years. My husband being British, my children are not completely bilingual, and La Petite Ecole de Reigate has really developed their confidence and fluency. I look forward to supporting the school and sharing my love for languages with the children in my class.

Mother of two children at Petite École de Reigate, I am French and have lived in England for more than 20 years. I started teaching French by giving private lessons. I worked for a French club while continuing to give private lessons at all levels. My thirst for learning is never satisfied and I have never stopped studying. Among a myriad of diplomas I have collected, I have acquired a teaching diploma. I have taught English as a foreign language in several professional organizations, teaching in classes of all ages, nationalities and levels. I have also been a tour guide in London for classes from France. I also taught French in a professional setting.