Celebrate a Decade of Bilingual Flourishing at Our School!

Dear parents, students, and friends of our school,
We are extremely happy and proud to celebrate the remarkable decade since the opening of our school. Yes, you read it right – ten years of educational adventures, linguistic discoveries, and personal growth!

From our humble beginnings, our school has evolved into a learning hub where linguistic and cultural diversity thrives every Saturday, harmonising French and English exemplarily.

The 10th-anniversary celebration is the perfect opportunity to honour our students and teachers. From the first steps in a foreign language to fluent and confident conversations, each moment reveals a story of personal and collective success.

Our dedicated teachers, who have accompanied our students throughout this decade, deserve a special mention. Their unwavering commitment to creating a stimulating and encouraging learning environment has laid the foundation for bilingual education and global openness!

So, how will we celebrate this memorable decade?
For the school fair, expect a day rich in entertainment, from a dazzling talent show featuring exceptional performances by our students to live music that will set the event’s tone. Taste the culinary experiences of French flavours! For the younger ones, it’s an opportunity to have fun with traditional fair activities like fishing for prizes and sack races.

We want this day to be a celebration of our diversity, collective achievements, and, above all, the unlimited potential of our students. Join us on Sunday, June 30, 2024, at Sandcross Primary School as we come together to share in this joyous day of celebration (RH2 8HH, Reigate).

Let the celebration begin, and may the next ten years be even more exciting than the previous ones. Together, let’s continue to grow, learn, and celebrate the richness of linguistic duality.

Happy 10th anniversary to our Petite école!

La Petite école de Reigate - 10 ans