Fostering a Love for Reading: Our Individual Reading Sessions Initiative

At Petite école de Reigate, we consider reading as one of the most valuable fundamental skills we can teach our students. It goes beyond knowledge acquisition; it unlocks creativity, empathy, and an understanding of the world around us. That’s why we run a special initiative to encourage and strengthen our students’s passion for reading.

The Importance of Reading

Reading is the key to academic and personal success. It enhances comprehension, communication, and critical thinking. Moreover, it broadens our students’ horizons by immersing them in different worlds, introducing them to new ideas, and sparking their imagination. As parents, you play an essential role in nurturing this reading habit in your children.

One-one-one Reading Sessions

To support this reading habit, we are excited to introduce our One-one-One Reading Sessions initiative. Every Saturday afternoon, from 4:00 PM until the end of classes,  parents, like you, volunteer their time for engaging one-on-one reading sessions with our students. These special moments allow each child to improve their reading fluency, enhance reading comprehension, and discover new vocabulary through books.

Benefits of Individual Reading Sessions

  • Improved Reading Skills: One-on-one sessions provide an ideal environment for practicing reading aloud, thereby enhancing fluency, pronunciation, and reading confidence.

  • Comprehension Development: Individual reading sessions allow close monitoring of each student’s comprehension. Volunteers can address questions, clarify challenging points, and discuss themes and characters.

Engage in Reading

We strongly encourage all parents to support this initiative by volunteering and assisting students in the CP2, CE1, CE2, CM1, and CM2 classes.

Reading is a skill that enriches our children’s lives and prepares them for a bright future. Together, we nurture a passion for reading and offer our students the opportunity to become avid readers and accomplished learners.

We firmly believe that your active involvement in your children’s education is a key element of their success, and we hope to see many of you during our individual reading sessions.

Contact us for more information or to provide your availability:

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